About the founder

I have more than 15 years of experience in publishing, where I have specialized in comprehensive publicity campaigns for books in a multitude of genres. I have developed, implemented, and managed a diverse range of launches at prestigious publishers, most notably literary powerhouse Farrar, Straus and Giroux and liberal non-profit Beacon Press. I have been responsible for successfully launching the work of debut and established authors, educators, politicians, scientists, and religious leaders, including Anne Fadiman, President Jimmy Carter, Pulitzer Prize-winner Michael Cunningham, Sheila Heti, Sam Lipsyte, Leanne Shapton, cult film director John Waters, and Howard Zinn. 

​As Publicity Director, I started the in-house publicity department at Soho Press, which specializes in international crime fiction. As a publicity director at Penguin Random House, I oversaw publicity for the Portfolio, Sentinel and Current imprints, working directly with New York Times bestselling authors. I was Director of Programs and Strategic Communications for the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses and I currently serve on the Brooklyn Book Festival Literary Council.

 I have great passion for innovative campaigns and niche marketing. At FSG, to highlight our more commercial fiction, I launched the readers’ community Book Keeping across multiple online platforms. I created events designed to surprise and captivate audiences—John Wray reading Lowboy on the L train, Andrew Feinstein leading a teach-in at Occupy Wall Street for The Shadow World, Kevin Dutton on stage with Dexter’s Michael C. Hall at the Rubin Museum to discuss The Wisdom of Psychopaths. I found the Museum of Sex to be the perfect setting for an event to launch Jesse Bering’s Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?  I used Twitter for a #DailyDeviant campaign for Bering’s next book, Perv. For Etgar Keret’s Suddenly, a Knock at the Door, I organized an online art contest and auction. 

​I believe every book presents an opportunity for creative promotion. Writers deserve readers who will find and embrace their work.  My role is to ensure readers discover the authors and books that speak to their needs and passions.  I love bringing readers and writers together, inspiring readers to read more, broaden their interests, and to be ever on the lookout for great writing.